Do you have to be good at singing/rapping to enjoy this game?

Not at all. You simply have to be quick-witted with your words to add on to a given word or phrase. You can even freestyle occasionally, so do you!

Do you have to know all different kinds of music to be good at/enjoy this game?

Definitely not. Music is everywhere and that’s the beauty of it! No song is off limits (so long as it has lyrics). You can use the music and artists that you know and love!

Do you ship internationally?

We're currently only shipping within the U.S.

Where can I read the official game rules/instructions?

See the Play page. Instructions are also included in each core game box.

How do I get a scorecard/cheat sheet?

Examples of a scorecard is included in each core game box.

Are there wholesale/retail opportunities for Dub This!®?

Yes! Please reach out to us at dubthisgame@gmail.com for more information about our wholesale pricing.

Is Dub This!® in stores?

Yes! We are in select friendly local game and music stores in the U.S.