Created by Desireé Vaughn, Dub This!® is the game that combines musical connections, nostalgia and challenge to create a memorable experience for all!

Dub This!® is a high-energy, musically involved card game! The manufacturing and production of the first print run (pictured on the left) of Dub This!® began with a successful Kickstarter campaign! The game is evolving and is now a new and improved version with Dub This!® 2.0!

Desireé is a musician, educator, innovator and a lover of all things that bring joy and positive energy! She loves to listen to music and sing along. She is intrigued by sampling, musical connections and how music can be a life source for so many people, herself included!

She came up with Dub This!® after noticing how she connected music and songs while doing everyday tasks or listening to music. She noticed how after hearing a word or phrase, a song popped into her her head and even how she often jumped from song to song, genre to genre after hearing a few lyrics!

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